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  • Combined freights. Transportation of special freights
Combined freights. Transportation of special freights
  • Combined freights. Transportation of special freights
  • Combined freights. Transportation of special freights

Combined freights. Transportation of special freights


Very often there is a requirement to send a consignment, which much less container. Perhaps, you got something for private use, being abroad, or on the Internet in other region.
We will transport any quantity of freight, we will prepare for sending, we will pack as appropriate. Consolidation of combined sendings happens in Shanghai, Yantyan, Ksingange, Qingdao, Busan and other cities of YuVA. Departures of times a week. If customs cleaning in port of arrival (Vladivostok) is necessary for you, then we will provide you this service. In case of urgency of the order — we will organize an avia delivery to the destination
Our services:
Our services:
the legal support of the foreign trade contract at the international container transport relying on standards of both the Russian, and international legislation;
we offer optimum logistic schemes of delivery of goods from the countries of Asia, America, Europe, Australia to Russia and to Ukraine;
documentary registration of freights at customs and in ports of arrival, their certification, processing in a warehouse;
transportation of goods, brought to port, any kind of transport across the territory of Russia and the CIS to the destination;
rendering of services on an insurance of freights both for the entire period of transportation, and for the period of separate operations.

Customs registration of freights - procedure which is the major stage in the course of foreign trade activities. Depending on professionalism of those who are engaged in it it can be executed ideally or with violations which will entail further problems with sale of goods and a delay of deliveries.
Atama Logistic: guarantee of exact observance of a customs order
Services in customs registration mean the whole complex of actions for presentation of allowing shipping documentation to customs authority, filling of the customs declaration and customs payment.
The customs clearance of freights with our help will not force you to care for formalities and hitches. Our experts will organize everything quickly and professionally. The customs representation of Atama logistic guarantees lack of problems at customs!

Ours advantages:
Work without advance payment. Calculation after release.
Release of goods in time of 2 days.
Favorable rates (below risks).
Giving under our certificates.

The list of the provided services in customs registration, maintenance of freights:
— Selection of a code of FEACN CU;
— Calculations of customs payments;
— Optimization of costs of customs registration;
— Obtaining necessary allowing documents;
— Declaring of freights;
— Carrying out customs inspection, survey without prejudice to packing and goods;
— In case of need, passing of phytosanitary and veterinary survey by competent authorities.

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